Sputnik-1 model kit 1:6

Let me show you upgraded Sputnik 1 scale model kit.

In 2020 I had build my own scale model of Sputnik 1 Satellite. It was partially scratch materials but delicate ditails I did 3D model.

Earlier this year (2024) I did recieved a request for the model kit of this satellite.

So I did several upgrades to my earlier version and made it look even better.

Now it is available in scale 1:6 and as I write the first model kit is on its way to USA.

I am very proud of the details of this model kit.

This is what new model kit of plastic looks like today:

The sensor bays, antenna attachments and the satellite domes I have 3D modelled using many historical sources.

Components of model kit:
- Instructions booklet // 1pcs
- Front dome // 1pcs
- Back dome // 1pcs
- Antenna mounts // 4 pcs + 2 spare
- Alignment pins // 4 pcs

Antennas are not included in this kit version.
Check your local model store (or DIY store) for stiff and lightweight rods.
Sputnik 1 had pairs of antennas of two different lengths.
In scale of 1:6 those are: 400mm and 483mm.

Painting tips

Before you start, remove dirt and dust from the model with a soft cloth.

Tape all glued areas of the model before priming and painting, so that they can be joined together afterwards without any problems.

First I sprayed a matt black primer on all the parts. I used the spray can version of Vallejo.

Then I sprayed on Chrome paint from Motip. The black primer makes the reflection of the Chrome feel deeper.

First I made some tests on a piece of an old model kit to see how many layers I needed to spray to get the best result without losing the details.

I lightly finished the model (around the antennas and interface outlet ) with a black wash from Vallejo to make the details pop out a bit more.


Sputnik 1 scale model kit 1:6 is available in my shop https://onnozone.etsy.com


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