Large m.s. Willem Ruys model

One of my favorite models, a three meter long (scale 1:64) ms WILLEM RUYS water line model.

It is built in the post 1959 refit configuration (recognizable by the taller funnels and aft deck extension) and is highly detailed and accurate.

This huge model was on display in the lobby of ‘T Zeemanshuys for several years. Unfortunately a couple of years ago it was removed and it ended up in the depot of the Maritime Museum in Rotterdam. Back in the days, if I was in Rotterdam for a photo shoot I would get a coffee and sandwich in the downstairs bar of 'T Zeemanshuys. There were many more models on display like the m.s. ORANJE and the s.s. ROTTERDAM but none as large and impressive as this m.s. WILLEM RUYS. 

Luckily I managed to film and photograph it several times when it was still on display. A good ship model often is the best and only remaining real world source material when the real ship is no longer around. 

Unfortunately the plaque next to the model did not mention who built it. It would be great to give them credit, if someone has more background information please send me a message so I can add it here. 

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